Fleurs CBD Infused Tea - PMS

Fleurs CBD Infused Tea - PMS

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Girl, we know. PMS gets to the best of us, and trust us, it isn’t always pretty. The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be! Sit back and pamper yourself with this women’s wellness blend. Perfect for any point in your cycle, this blend will regulate your hormones, he- lp you be less cranky, and just maybe find joy in the small things again.

A portion of sales from this tea go to ONE GIRL CAN, an initiative that’s breaking the cycle of poverty and impacting gender equality through mentorship and education in Uganda & Kenya.

100% Organic herbs / 7MG Hem pCBD per bag / Non-intoxicating


Vegan & GMO Free


nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, oat straw, tulsi (holy basil), alfalfa leaf, rosehips, vitex berry (chaste tree), full spectrum hemp

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