King Palm Slim 3 Pack

King Palm Slim 3 Pack

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King Palm brings you the best slim rolls of all time. The set of 3 slim rolls is made from Cordia Leaves which are known to have the most earthy, and tasteful aroma.

Our slim pack rolls are entirely organic, GMO-free, tobacco, and additive-free, and made from non-toxic, biodegradable natural materials, making them the perfect rolling paper for your smoke. Our slim rolls are carefully selected from sustainable and responsible sources and handpicked individually to ensure that all the leaves are of the best quality.

The Cordia leaves are then purified and cleaned with water before being rolled by hand and packed carefully with Boveda. Our in-house professionals ensure that the rolls are seamlessly rolled to perfection. This will ensure that there is no fraying or leakage of the product while you’re smoking. Our super-slow burning slim rolls last much longer than average products and have a higher payoff as well.

Allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your long smoke without having to keep lighting it every few minutes. The package has a 2-way, 62% humidity control to guarantee that you always have crisp rolling paper no matter when you open the packet. In fact, King Palm guarantees one whole year of freshness! Each slim roll can hold up to 1.25g, giving you ample space to fill your product.

Our slim rolls are guaranteed to give you the best tasting and freshest smoke you’ve ever had!

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