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Three King Charcoal Pucks

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Three Kings’ charcoal have been produced in the Netherlands since 1936. Using only the best ingredients combined with the 80 years of experience in production techniques, our tabs light quickly, are odorless and have a smooth, long and even burn.

Charcoal is used to smoke shisha and to burn our incense, which is made of the best natural resins from Europe, Africa and the Far East and is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies.

Three Kings Charcoal ignites quickly. This, meaning you don’t have to wait long before you can enjoy your shisha session. These coals are easily lit with a regular lighter and are fully ignited in a few seconds. Because of this reason Three Kings Charcoals are easy to use at home. After lighting, they give a smoking time of no less than 1 hour.

Three Kings Charcoal are known worldwide for their quality. We only use natural ingredients. Because of this our charcoal is odorless, tasteless and it does not interfere with flavor of your shisha.

10 Per Pack